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Lobotomy is a new tabletop game about escaping a psychiatric hospital.

Characters will fight off monsters straight out from the classic horror movies (or maybe just concerned hospital staff?), collect powerful items (or rather random trash?) and recover scraps of memory that unlock new skills and powers (also known as slipping deeper into madness). All that in an anticipation for the final battle against the Chief Hospital Administrator who holds the keys to the asylum and your freedom.

Lobotomy features:

- dedicated for 1-6 players but more can play
- cooperative horror adventure with role-playing elements
- character development
- unique dungeon crawling, roguelike mechanics and solo-play option
- replayabiity with a modular gameboard, random scenarios and different narrative every playthrough
- ability to win the game by losing your mind in the process
- over 40 highly detailed miniatures and monsters inspired by classic horror themes
- at least 5 different player
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