Long Winter Organizer

Long Winter Organizer

You have survived the initial winter, but now darkness has fallen and dawn is nowhere in sight! Here to help you survive is our Long Winter Organizer, specifically designed to bring order to your Dead of Winter: The Long Night box. Cards are neatly organized into designated sections with removable dividers, and supports sleeves. Your colony characters are safely separated from zombies, experiments and bandits with four removable standee trays. Two removable token trays contain your dice, tokens and extra stands. And start the night in style with our exclusive wooden start player knife token.


- Exclusive wooden start player knife token

- 6 removable token trays

- Supports sleeved cards

- Accommodates promotional expansion characters (Rich Sommer, Rodney Smith)

- Fits standalone Dead of Winter: The Long Night box
Please be aware that there is not sufficient space in the box to leave the plastic stands on every character or zombie experiment. The boxes for
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