Imperious Twilight Organizer
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Imperious Twilight Organizer

Our designers tackled this galactic sized box for our 100th Organizer! Take you game setup and tear down to warp speed with the Imperious Twilight Organizer compatible with Twilight Imperium 4th Edition by Fantasy Flight Games.

No need to be intimidated by the multitudes of miniatures when they each have their own place in trays, sorted by cost order for efficient purchasing. In the case of the smallest minis there is a special elevator feature for reaching the last components in the bottom of the tray.

Keep your 17 factions sorted in the faction trays with spaces for command and control tokens as well as your factions special cards. There are special token trays just for the Fighters, Infantry, and Trade Commodity Tokens. An objective tray holds your dice, Victory Point Tracker, and your objective cards.

Map tile hexes and Fleet Stands (ACC032) (sold separately) fit in the Tile trays.

There is even a spacer that will hold your Imperious Twilight Game Board Frames (ACC033 and ACC03
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