Theseus The Dark Orbit
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Theseus The Dark Orbit

Theseus: The Dark Orbit puts players in the heart of a conflict between five factions trapped on the eponymous space station in deep space. Only one can survive...
Command the marine forces! Use deadly weaponery, setting traps and mines in corridors to defend the human race.
Command the alien race! Use secret passages and ventilation ducts to launch surprise attacks and grow small aliens to take control of the station.
Command the scientists! Use computers and technological devices to gather data and record information about other inhabitants of the station.
Command the Greys race! Use their mind powers to control the enemy and use them for your own purposes.
The fifth faction? It´s a mystery. It´s precisely why you made the trek to Theseus, and it´s precisely why you will die...
In Theseus: The Dark Orbit, players move their pawns around the space station and activate the abilities of different rooms. Every move you take changes the movement possibilities of your opponent. On your turn, you
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