Mice & Mystics: Downwood Tales
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Mice & Mystics: Downwood Tales

Downwood Tales is an expansion for the Mice and Mystics Core Set. It provides a brand new story book guaranteed to challenge seasoned adventurers, and features a bold new plot filled with twists and turns. The wild environments of the first game return, with even more dynamic elements! Scale tall trees, layering on new elements he further up you go. Choose between branching paths in the story to explore the game from a new perspective, and watch as day and night impact your progress. Fight for your lives against vicious new opponents such as froglodytes, fearies, or the massive snake Hesster! Spend your hard earned cheese on supplies in village shops. And of course, grit your teeth and race for your lives as the sands of time push you to the brink of disaster. So summon your friends and family back to the kitchen table. The next chapter of the Mice and Mystics saga is here!
Downwood Tales gives players the exciting opportunity to continue the story of brave Prince Collin and his closest companions: Maginos
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