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Shelfie Stacker

Shelfie Stacker is a fast paced, cleverly crafted, colourful delight which will appeal to both families and enthusiast board gamers alike! Players compete to create the most illustrious game shelf through clever hand management and strategic dice placement.

You’ll pick a team of 8 Stacking Buddies and harness their abilities to claim the latest deliveries and to craft mind blowing combinations!

With 16 interchangeable Stacking Buddies, Reward Cards galore, two solo modes, and an overflowing bag of dice deliveries, there are endless ways to enjoy Shelfie Stacker.

So get ready! The games roll in quick, the decisions must be precise,

It’s now time to grab and stack the perfect set of dice!

1-4 Spieler

Ab ca. 13 Jahren

Autor: Shem Pillips


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