Suburbia Expansions
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Suburbia Expansions

Suburbia Expansions contains three giant expansions for Suburbia: Suburbia Inc., Suburbia 5-Star, and Suburbia Nightlife, as well as two smaller expansions: Essen and Cons. These expansions may be added to the base game one at a time, in portions, or all at once, to make for a fully customizable city-building experience.

This collection includes dozens of new building tiles, borders, goals, and new mechanics, such as the turn-order-altering star track, borough-enhancing borders, bonuses, challenges, ability to have 5 players, and more. The new buildings offer new categories as well, such as the high-risk, high-reward Nightlife tiles that provide a huge benefit while also taking a toll on your growing metropolis. You'll never run out of unique customization options that will make each game of Suburbia unlike any other!

The GameTrayz® organizers in this box are made to be combined with Suburbia 2nd Edition by removing the foam and extra cardboard in Suburbia 2nd Edition's box.

New to this edition of the Suburbia Expansions:

  • Updated Artwork
  • Larger Tiles
  • GameTrayz® Storage Organizers

1-5 Spieler

Ab ca. 14 Jahren

Autor: Ted Alspach

bézier games

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