Rambo the Boardgame: First Blood
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Rambo the Boardgame: First Blood

The year is 1981, and you’re John Rambo, just returned home from Vietnam to a country you don’t recognize. You have no friends and no place to live. You wander into the wrong town just looking for something to eat... and now you’re fighting for your life!

In Rambo the Board Game: First Blood, you become Rambo and make all the critical choices and alter the outcomes of your favorite 80’s action movie, First Blood!

This isn’t a typical board game. It’s a solo narrative game experience unlike any you’ve ever played before! On your turn you'll choose a stance from your character sheet which gives you your actions, movement, and any other special abilities. You'll also be able to use unique gear and tactics cards to help you on your journey. This game is fully dice-less, so it's all about the narrative story and your tactical choices in this "Choose your own adventure-like game"

A highly thematic, story-filled, tactical game where the fate of Rambo lies in your hands. Remember, one thing if you play this game... a good supply of body bags!Nothing is over! Nothing!

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