Galaxy Defenders: Elite Alien Army
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Galaxy Defenders: Elite Alien Army

Face the deadliest aliens in the Galaxy, in the first expansion for Galaxy Defenders.
The Elite Alien Army includes the most powerful version(elite) of 6 different alien creatures. Ferocious Spine Critters, regenerating Xeno-Betas, fearsome Xeno-Alphas, dangerous spider-like Aracnos , the psionic Xeno-Grey and the bio-mechanical Nexus are all included. Originally featured in the Galaxy Defenders core game, these aliens appear here with a figure in red color, with enhanced stats and abilities, above and beyond those of their lesser brethren (green and blue colors) included in the core set.
A total of 10 aliens are included, each of them a highquality, detailed plastic figure. Each different alien is a unique opponent, accompanied by its own Artificial Intelligence card that details its behavior on the battlefield. The Elite Alien Army can be used to replace up to 10 of the normal aliens featured in a Galaxy Defenders mission, to scale up the difficulty of the scenario. A booklet indicating the best use o
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