Virus Base Game

Virus Base Game

A frightening new virus is rapidly spreading throughout the main cities of the planet. They call it Virus Q.

People and animals infected with the virus begin to mutate rapidly their forms twisted into horrible, bloodthirsty and nigh unstoppable nightmarish creatures. The last hope of the human survivors is to identify the Patient Zero and the initial point of the outbreak. Perhaps by returning to the source it may be possible to find an antidote and bring back humanity from the brink of destruction. However, not everyone has such lofty goals there are those who wish to profit from this ensuing chaos and terror in order to seize power. They wish to establish a new world government by controlling the monsters created with the Virus. If an antidote were to be discovered it could foil their plans forever.

The virus had been created in a near inaccessible military laboratory. Within its walls, the virus was unleashed for the first time. The creatures that now stalk the corridors are a terror beyond i
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