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Victory & Glory: Napoleon Standard Edition

Victory & Glory: Napoleon is a game of grand strategy and fast-play tactical battles in which one player takes the role of Napoleon Bonaparte and attempts to dominate the entire continent of Europe while the other player controls Great Britain and the other allied nations and troops that comprise an ever-changing alliance bent on stopping Napoleon! They move armies and navies, fight epic battles, recruit new troops, and add new regions to their domain.

Can you carve out a European empire that will survive the growing threat from perfidious Albion and her allies (or prevent Europe from being dominated by France)? Can you change history and do better than L’Empereur?


• Re-fight the entire Napoleonic Wars!

• A game that is easy to learn, but challenging to master.

• Strategic Level map of Europe from 1796 – 1815.

• Dozens of unique unit types (cavalry, infantry, artillery, and navies for each major nation and several minor nations).

• Almost 150 unique ‘Event Cards’ with artwork by world-renowned Napoleonic Artist: Keith Rocco. Each card gives the player upgrades to their economy, leadership and tactics, political influence in the various nations of Europe, or more Military Units. Some cards also allow the player to gain allies or launch new campaigns that conclude with a climactic battle.

• Land and Naval Battles utilizing a fast-play abstracted tactical battle system.

• Never plays the same way twice. Infinitely re-playable.

• 2 Players (Solo play and multi-player rules also included).

• Play time: 2 Hours

1-2 Spieler

Ab ca. 10 Jahren

Autor: Glenn Drover

Forbidden Games

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