Tau Ceti: Planetary Crisis - Regular Version

Tau Ceti: Planetary Crisis - Regular Version

TAU CETI: Planetary Crisis is a 1-5 player competitive and cooperative 4X game centered on an economic engine, asymmetric powers, and strategic manipulation. TAU CETI tells a story of a newly formed alliance between several alien factions in a time of galactic declension, who compete for influence as they lead their civilization through a crisis-ridden star system.

With multiple paths to victory, you are free to Explore the mysterious outer
reaches of the star system for knowledge, Recruit Specialists to help you
Resolve crises, exploit opportunities through Trade, buy/sell commodities as
the market fluctuates across planets, complete Interplanetary Missions for
money, Build orbitals and defend them against enemies, acquire Exotic
Technologies, and Upgrade your starships systems for greater advantages
as you navigate the cosmic environment.

TAU CETI has all the elements of a 4X game, but allows you to advance at your own pace with a la carte advanced rules, and can be played in
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