Race! Formula 90 Expansion 1

Race! Formula 90 Expansion 1

RF90 Series Championship is the first expansion module for Race! Formula 90, with two new tracks on a double-sided game board. The module includes:

Spa Francorchamps track
Monaco track
35 fully illustrated Spa cards
36 fully illustrated Monaco cards
English rulebook
Spa Francorchamps features Extreme Trajectories , a special set of rules introduced to convey the feeling (and risk) of taking fast corners flat out and to reward driving over other elements of the race.

The module also includes dedicated rules for racing in teams with other players or in pair with robots as well as Championship rules.

You must own the original Race! Formula 90 board game in order to use this expansion.

2-6 Spieler
Ab ca. 14 Jahren

Autor: Alessandro Lala, Giuseppe Rossini
Gotha Games
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