Police Precinct Crooked Lawyers

Police Precinct Crooked Lawyers

This Promo-Pack requires NO special rules.

All of the new Event Cards (Larger Cards) included in this expansion booster pack are intended to be used with any edition of Police Precinct, by simply adding the cards to the deck and playing as normal. With this in mind, feel free to play with ALL, some, or none of these new Event Cards. As always, follow the directions on the card as they appear. That said, we feel that it would be best to, EITHER play with the base-game’s Problems In the Hood series of cards (which is 3 cards, all of the same type), OR to play with the New In The Hood series of 3 different cards (the last 3 cards listed in the contents section above for Larger Cards).

As for the Smaller Cards from the investigation decks, play will be conducted exactly as usual, but with some variation in terms of setup. See below for certain suggested variants for these cards.

1-6 Spieler
Ab ca. 13 Jahren

Autoren: Ole Steiness
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