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C3I 33: The Waterloo Campaign 1815

  • Close to 100 pages of content, C3i Nr 33 features a meaty 67-page magazine, 24-page rulebook and playthrough manual, and "The Waterloo Campaign 1815," the second volume of the C3i Series, designed by Mark Herman

       (including 22x34" map and counters)

  • Articles on boardgames Holland'44, Empire of the Sun, Fields of Fire, Campaigns of 1777 and more!
  • Inserts for The Battles of the American Revolution Series, SPQR Deluxe, Empire of the Sun, Twilight Struggle and others!
  • Also includes Peel & Stick Labels for your C3i Collector Boxes!!
  • COLLECTOR'S EDITION packages the above in a secure, white C3i-branded Collector box for shipping and storage

RBM Studio

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