SotLT: The Elite Missions
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SotLT: The Elite Missions

September 22nd, 1935: We have been successfully completing expeditions to the Tomb for generations, however in all of my years of experience, I have never witnessed challenges like these!. I have been to the Tomb more than anyone else, and I have survived more than you could imagine from supernatural otherworldly beings of awe-striking power, to power hungry fascists, to beasts of myth and stories of old. I have held in my hands priceless artifacts, as well as the heads of my dying brothers and sisters. We were given a mission, one that we felt confident we could achieve. But when we got to the Tomb ... Nothing could have prepared us for what happened next...

Mission Briefing: The previous quote was taken from a
veteran adventurer that attempted an elite mission...
Proceed with caution!

Secrets of the Lost Tomb: The Elite Missions, adds a whole new level of depth and challenge to the already Epic experience. Fun to play and simple to add, players are able to use one or more Elite Mission c
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