SotLT: Reign of Terror
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SotLT: Reign of Terror

The Epic Adventure Through Time!

A long time ago, before the Eternal Order of Perseus was formed, all sorts of ancient, terrible magics and evil creatures rampaged across the earth. As the Tomb has traveled our universe, moving across the ley lines of otherworldly energies, it has been the harbinger of mysterious, supernatural, inhuman forces. Now, only the audacious adventurers of the E.O.P. can stop these powers, once lost and long forgotten to the depths of the Tomb, now returned to cry havoc.

Presenting the Epic Adventure campaign booklet: Take all your scenarios from the Secrets of the Lost Tomb universe and play them in an epic campaign with its own scenario, The Epic Conclusion! Will you be able to travel through time and space to stop the Time Terrorist before it’s too late?

This expansion also presents two new, exciting standalone scenarios, each with immersive stories and challenging creatures.

Will you find Leif Ericsons Helm before the mercenary Viking princess can? Can
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