SotLT: Passages and Perils
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SotLT: Passages and Perils

Choose Your Path and Watch Your Step!

Hundreds of corridors and rooms riddle the Tomb. With each twist and turn, you find yourself deeper and deeper within its grasp. The Passages and Perils pack adds a new dimension to the already immense Tomb, giving you new forms of egress between levels, adding new strategies and more dangers to overcome. The Tomb becomes both easier to navigate and more deadly.

Feel like you know what room is coming up next in the stack? Think again! The Tomb goes even further and deeper with new ways to move throughout. Explore tons of new, lavishly designed and mythically written rooms. Encounter new traps with even more gruesome consequences. Use the new Trap cards, which allow you to set traps for creatures - and even other players in competitive play. With 30 new rooms and fun traps,Passages and Perils adds a whole new side of the lost Tomb for you and your team to explore!

1-6 Spieler
Ab ca. 13 Jahren

Autoren: Christopher Batarlis, Jim Samartino
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