SotLT: Atlantis - Mystery of the 13
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SotLT: Atlantis - Mystery of the 13

Secrets of the Lost Tomb is a cooperative game of thrilling action-adventure and discovery. Players assume the roles of stalwart expedition members working together to investigate ancient mysteries, while surviving dangers and shielding humanity from the supernatural powers of The Tomb - an ancient vault filled with primeval powers perpetually struggling to be set free upon the world. Powers that mankind should never behold...

Each of the games Scenario-Scripts has its own unique theme, flavor, and powerful boss monster bringing you into the rich and detailed world of The Tomb. Prepare to prevent the second coming of the Immortal Rhaz Azul, reject the Pharaoh with the Blue Eyes that´s not of this world...or battle against the Elder Forces of Hera Thulhu sealing the magical portal preventing Cthulhu from enslaving mankind! Each script offers new challenges and rewards. There are many stories that await the players´ fateful choices leading them to thrilling adventures and cliffhangers!

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