SotLT: Ancient Myths and Legends
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SotLT: Ancient Myths and Legends

The Myths and Legends Continue

A long time ago, before the Eternal Order of Perseus was formed, all sorts of ancient, terrible magics and evil creatures rampaged across the earth. As the Tomb has traveled our universe, moving across the ley lines of otherworldly energies, it has been the harbinger of mysterious, supernatural, inhuman forces. Now, only the audacious adventurers of the E.O.P. can stop these powers, once lost and long forgotten to the depths of the Tomb, now returned to cry havoc.

This expansion presents six new and exciting scenarios, each with an immersive story and deadly creatures! Will you win the race for the Holy Grail against the German Super Soldier Maelstrom Squad? Or survive the night with a Tomb filled with vampire mobsters? Can you protect an ancient spider queen while she spins her magical web? Find Captain Nemo’s submarine before the Russians steal it or the Hell Golem sinks it! Prevent a deranged doctor from harnessing Medusa’s magic for his evil plans. Stop the anc
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