Renegade - Booster Pack 1: Christmas at the Hack Shack
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Renegade - Booster Pack 1: Christmas at the Hack Shack

Colored Lights Blink with New Advanced Commands!

In the world of Renegade, the freedom-fighting hackers must save their fellow citizens by entering the Super-Massive Computers (SMCs) that have risen to control the population. To aid in the efforts of programming the SMCs´ demise, the Hackers’ handy helpers at the Hack Shack have their holiday wares on display in this exciting Booster Pack. Pick up a Cino-Bracelet, practice some Livewire Voodoo, or perhaps a Christmas Tree is the right gift for the SMC known as Mother


- 10 Advanced Command cards

NOTE: You must own a copy of Renegade to enjoy this Booster Pack.

Victory Point Games
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