C & C Ancients: Exp. 5
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C & C Ancients: Exp. 5

Commands & Colors: Epic Ancients II - allows players the opportunity to fight historical ancient battles on an Epic scale. The Command & COlors: Epic Ancients II rules have undergone a slight modification to increase player involvement, providing additional depth without adding complexity. The new 100 card Epic Command deck makes the play of Command cards straightforward, with direction and important information right on each card. This will help new players grasp game play more quickly while providing experienced players more control and a very challenging competition.

Players now maneuver their armies over a double-sized map made by combining the two mounted maps found in Expansions #2 and #3, or purchased separately from this site.

The Command & Colors: Epic Ancients II game allows up to eight players to experience the competitive fun of a large sized ancients battle, but we know many enjoyed Epic Ancients as a two-player game, even though the battles last longer than a single map Commands
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