Thunder Alley Extra Track Set
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Thunder Alley Extra Track Set

You have become a master of the super speedway, having tamed Saint Adriana. You have traded paint at the Velodrome. Verghn’s Grove is old hat. It’s time to become a full-season driver and step up to new challenges, including the very narrow short track, the sweeping turns of the quad-oval, or the fast mile. More road courses are included as well to test your mettle in more directions than left.

Thunder Alley now has a track pack. Four new tracks all peppered with new challenges. Some provide tighter racing and others allow for more wide open affairs. It’s all different and it’s all new. With these four additional tracks players can recreate full seasons of racing for stock cars or open wheels.

All tracks are compatible with both Thunder Alley and Grand Prix.

2-7 Spieler
Ab ca. 10 Jahren

Autoren: Jeff Horger, Carla Horger
GMT Games
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