Twilight Struggle: Turn Zero and Promo Packs Exp.
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Twilight Struggle: Turn Zero and Promo Packs Exp.

For those of you who would like to expand your Twilight Struggle experience, we present the Twilight Struggle Turn Zero and Promo Packs expansions. We offered these expansions initially only to backers in the Kickstarter campaign for the digital edition of Twilight Struggle and a brief one-day first-com-first-served sale a couple of years ago. Based on customer requests, we are going to recreate these expansions that will be identical to the Kickstarter packs in every way, except that these will be printed with card backs in the standard style of the TS Deluxe Edition card backs. So those of you with the many versions of Twilight Struggle can just drop these expansion cards into your decks. We are now offering these expansions as a P500 reprint item.

We hope you all enjoy these expansions to Twilight Struggle!

GMT Games
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