Talon 1000
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Talon 1000

Lamination: - The ship counters in this expansion have improved lamination over the original game.

Solitaire System Added: - Although the Talon base game plays very well solitaire, a dedicated Solitaire System is being released as part of Talon 1000. Some of its features inlcude:

1. A full sheet of dedicated AI ship counters.
2. Hundreds of possible solitaire scenarios - this is in addition to the over one thousand 2 player scenarios already in Talon 1000.
3. A new AI empire with new weapons and ship capabilities.
4. An AI that takes into account ship position in its decisions.
5. Simplicity! You will be able to focus mostly on your own ships!

NOTE: Talon 1000 is NOT a solitaire only expansion. It adds many ships and scenarios for the base game and also includes dedicated solitaire ships and scenarios.

Talon 1000 is a dependant expansion for the game Talon. Talon is a tactical game of space fleet combat between the Terran Confederation and the invading Talon Empire. I
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