New York 1776 Remastered

New York 1776 Remastered

New York 1776 is a game that lets you take a closer look at one of the key campaigns of the American Revolutionary War. All with an easy rules set, playtime of 2 hours or less, and the pleasure of using wooden blocks for units.

What is important about New York 1776?

The Patriot cause was riding high after Washingtons army forced the British to evacuate Boston. Howes New York invasion might have been the Crowns best chance to smother the revolution early and restore control. The campaign was a series of disasters and missed opportunities that have seldom been studied with a playable game. New York 1776 puts you in command. Will you crush the Revolution or save it?

The Patriots have Washington-the Fox-and a larger army, plus some key forts. But the British have better quality troops (including Hessian mercenaries that terrify the militia) and powerful leaders, plus the British Navy gives them great flexibility in the watery bounds of the New York area. Both sides face challenges to succeed.
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