Defiant Russia

Defiant Russia

In the early morning hours of June 22nd, 1941, Axis armies - German, Romanian and Finnish - launched a sneak attack on the Soviet Union, touching off the greatest conflict in human history. Millions of men fought and died in what became known as the Great Patriotic War, which would ultimately end with the Red Army mounting its battle flags over the ruins of Berlin.

Defiant Russia is our fast-playing game of the Axis invasion of the Soviet Union, known as Operation Barbarossa. It is a completely new edition of the game we produced in the early 2000s: new rules, more pieces, more map, more scenarios, more fun.

Designed by William Sariego, Defiant Russia puts its emphasis on fast and challenging play. Play is easy strategy, not so much. The Axis player starts with overwhelming force, but has a stiff set of objectives to meet. The Soviets will usually see much of the seemingly-powerful Red Army melt away in the first turns of play, but powerful reinforcements are on their way.

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