Bloody Monday

Bloody Monday

Bloody Monday begins after both sides have skirmished and changed positions and dug in for two full days. The French have captured the Shevardino Redoubt and stand ready for their full assault, aiming to smash the Russian Army and force a peace on the Czar. The Russians have strong natural defenses on their right and a series of earthworks strengthening the centre, but not their left. Both players have powerful forces, ranging from crack troops to depleted units, militia, and thousands of Cossacks. Command rivalries complicate both sides.
What happens here can change everything!

If Napoleon had really smashed the Russians at Borodino, the Czar might well have been ready to negotiate. If Kutuzov had used his forces better, Napoleon might not have taken Moscow and been removed from power two years earlier.
The future of Europe hangs in the balance.

You decide!

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Autor: Emanuele Santandrea
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