American Revolution Tri Pack

American Revolution Tri Pack


We will include all the replacement counters that have been provided over the years, plus new Momentum counters and Rally on Me (see description under Brandywine, below) counters for the series.

This battle will include a new historical scenario featuring the fighting around Freemans Farm.


An updated countersheet will include all the counters updated over the years, plus a new marker to the series, Rally on Me! As you know, one of the combat results is Disruption. When this occurs, a Disruption Marker is placed on top of the Disrupted unit. If the Disrupted unit is alone in a hex or if it stacks with other units that are also Disrupted, there is no issue because the Disruption Marker remains on top of the stack, in plain sight signifying that every unit under it is Disrupted. It serves as reminder to the player to roll for Rally in the Rally Phase. When, however, Disrupted units stack with Parade Order units, those Parade Order units are placed above the
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