Panzer: Drive To The Rhine Exp. 3
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Panzer: Drive To The Rhine Exp. 3

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to play this expansion, you will need a copy of the basic Panzer game ownership of Panzer Expansions #1 and #2 is NOT required.

Panzer Expansion #3 shifts the action to the Western Front where the US and British forces drive the beleaguered German units across Western Europe and into the very heart of Germany.

The Reference & Scenario book includes a host of new optional rules covering Suggested Initiative, Spot Removal, Delayed Reaction, Bocage Country, Defensive Fire, and many others including complete rules and reference tables for airborne and glider operations. A few new special units, like the Churchill Crocodile flamethrower tank, stoke up the action to a new level.

You will find no less than twelve versions of the Sherman tank in both US and British livery, Cromwell tanks, Hellcat, Jackson, and Achilles tank destroyers, Greyhound and Humber armored cars, anti-tank guns, four new aircraft and many others. The Germans are also well-represented with the Marde
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