Desert Fox Deluxe
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Desert Fox Deluxe

The North African campaign lasted for almost three years. For most of it, armies chased one another back and forth through the deserts of Egypt and Libya, gaining a temporary advantage only to stall as supplies lines stretched. The Allies finally gained the upper hand in the desert just as a massive Anglo-American invasion hit French North Africa. The fighting shifted to the mountains of Tunisia, where the Axis dreams of an African empire finally died.

Desert Fox Deluxe covers the campaign from the Italian invasion of Egypt in 1940 to the final clearance of Africa in 1943. One player commands the Axis forces, the other the Allies. The Axis seeks to maintain a presence in North Africa while the Allies fight to eliminate it. Six maps cover the battlefields from Algiers to Alexandria at 10 miles to the hex. Each turn represents one month of real time. Combat units are regiments or brigades, with some divisions and specialist battalions.

Each turn, the active player maneuvers units and initiates com
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