Epic Tyrants: Drakas Rage

Epic Tyrants: Drakas Rage

The Dargothian Mountains may seem completely wild and untamed but Draka reigns supreme there. Those who do not submit to his rule risk a fiery death from above.

This Drakas Rage pack includes 12 non-random cards that include cards from each alignment. Drakas Rage pack color is green, because the Tyrant card included is Draka which is a wild (green) card. The pack includes evil, good, sage and wild cards.

This Drakas Rage pack contains 13 cards for use with Epic Card Game: Draka Dragon Tyrant, Drakas Fire, Shadow Imp, Necrovirus, Zealous Necromancer, Heinous Feast, Wolfs Bite, Lesson Learned, Mist Guide Herald, Insurgency, Blind Faith, Noble Martyr, and a new Wolf/Zombie Token.

White Wizard Games
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