Legendary Encounters: Alien DBG Expansion
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Legendary Encounters: Alien DBG Expansion

Continue the horrifying Legendary Encounters adventures with an all new expansion to the 2014 acclaimed Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game. 400 cards of original art bring to life new content and never before seen stories. Lieutenant Gorman, Superintendent Andrews, Captain Elgyn, and First Officer Kane are just a few of the new playable characters to fill in the already impressive roster.

Players can now take on the role of the Alien Queen with their very own avatar and playmat. If that does not raise the difficulty enough, the all new Hard Mode will.

More Facehuggers, more Xenomorphs, and a lot more fun!

1-5 Spieler
Ab ca. 17 Jahren

Autoren: Ben Cichoski, Daniel Mandel
Upper Deck
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