Police Precinct: The Heat, Rioting Gangs and more

Police Precinct: The Heat, Rioting Gangs and more

The Heat is an expansion for the co-op board-game Police Precinct. It consists of two decks of cards. One deck is called The Gear Deck, and the other is called The Specialist Deck. There are 8 cards in each deck.

The nature of the cards makes the base-game easier (the cards help for the Police to do their job better). The cards are used in conjunction with heightened challenges for the police created by difficult to handle set-up scenarios.

This expansion really adds to the replayability and strategic team-work aspects of Police Precinct.

ioting Gangs is a Booster-Pack expansion for the game Police Precinct.

It includes an assortment of new Event Cards in new locations:
3 Emergencies (3 different colors, all Rioting Gangs )
1 Street Collapse
1 Caught In The Act
1 Budget Cuts
1 Homicidal Maniac
1 fixed Car Theft


1 Compass fix (sticker)

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