Food Chain Magnate: Ketchup Mechanism and Other Ideas EN/DE

Food Chain Magnate: Ketchup Mechanism and Other Ideas EN/DE

Chef! Some of our guests are asking for ketchup. Do we have any? We do not serve ketchup in this company. Also they are asking if the restaurant will expand anytime soon? There is a restaurant in the new quarter and with all the roadworks lately it is getting a lot of traffic. Can not you see I am working on my new masterpiece? How can I concentrate like this? I need that Michelin star! And this new sushi dish is just the thing. Or maybe if I combine kimchi with icecream... But chef. Your guests are not asking for fancy stuff they want ketchup and coffee. And better decorations. And a new menu. Get out of my kitchen. Now!

The Ketchup Mechanism & Other Ideas is an Expansion for Food Chain Magnate. You need the base game to play it. The expansion adds a different modules, that can be played individually or together. It can seat 2-6 players, one more than the base game.

Chef! Einige unserer Gäste fragen nach Ketchup. Haben wir welches? Wir servieren in diesem Unternehmen kein Ketchup.
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