ASL Yanks Second Edition
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ASL Yanks Second Edition

YANKS is back, and better than ever, as it now includes the essential elements of PARATROOPER and 24 additional scenarios. YANKS contains the entire United States Army order of battle for ASL, including five different squad types, their half squads, leaders, and all the varied vehicle, ordnance, and support weapon and crew counters, thus enabling you to command every type of combat unit used by the American Army in every theater throughout the war. Chapter H contains over 20 pages of detailed notes on the guns and vehicles, complete with some minor updates to the original. Also included are eight mapboards: 16-19, 24, 40-41, and 46, which will help you play many of the 40 scenarios inside YANKS: the 16 original scenarios from YANKS and PARATROOPER (all re-balanced) as well as 24 more out-of-print scenarios, re-numbered and re-balanced, all with existing errata incorporated. (New errata have been issued for the old scenarios to reflect the balancing changes made in these updates.)

YANKS Components:

  • American Chapter H
  • eight mapboards (16-19, 24, 40-41, and 46)
  • 41 scenarios
  • six countersheets (1/2” and 5/8”)
  • one box & lid

YANKS is not a complete game. Ownership of the Advanced Squad Leader Game System is required for play.

Scenario List:

Defiance On Hill 30
Confusion Reigns
Le Manoir
Silence That Gun
No Better Spot To Die
Lost Opportunities
The Roadblock
Backs To The Sea
Taking The Left Tit
Among The Ruins
Kurhaus Clash
Under The Noel Trees
The Mad Minute
Gavin's Gamble
Tanks In The Street
The Niscemi-Biscari Highway
Ranger Stronghold
The T-Patchers
Gavin Take
Strayer's Strays
The Pouppeville Exit
Death At Carentan
L'Abbaye Blanche
Morgan's Stand
Zon With The Wind
Devil's Hill
Scouts Out
Buchholz Station
Abandon Ship!
The Attempt To Relieve Peiper
Rocket's Red Glare
Patton's Prayers
Parker's Crossroads
A Breezeless Day
Ace In The Hole
Broich Bash
Hunters From The Sky
Hitdorf On The Rhine

A corrected version of Gavin Take is now available for download with the missing red quantity numbers. (This was reprinted on cardstock in ASL Journal 12.)

ASL Journal 11 lists the balancing updates incorporated in these scenarios.
ASL Journal 12 lists some errata to that list (the updated scenarios are OK).

There is, however, an erratum for one of the scenarios, No Better Spot To Die:
In the updated version of Scenario 16 No Better Spot To Die:

In SSR 1, replace “[EXC: Cliffs do not exist]” with “[EXC: the J2-J3 cliff does not exist]”.

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Autoren: Charles Kibler, Rex A. Martin


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