Chancellorsville 1863
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Chancellorsville 1863

Chancellorsville: 1863, Lee's "perfect battle" because his risky decision to divide his army in the presence of a much larger enemy force resulted in a significant Confederate victory.

Chancellorsville: 1863 is the second game in our new Battle Formations series - an innovative card driven board game on the Battle of Chanecllorsville, for 1 to 2 players, playable in 1-2 hours.

Chancellorsville: 1863 has been designed for easy set up and quick gameplay. Unit placement is shown on the game board and units are wooden markers representing troop formations. Players decide which formation to activate and how far to push it once it begins attacking. Push it just enough and they can win the day. Push it too much and failing a morale test wil breek it.

The decision are yours...

1-2 Spieler

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Worthington Publishing

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