Spirit Island Branch and Claw Exp. EN
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Spirit Island Branch and Claw Exp. EN

The Branch & Claw Expansion brings a fantastic variety of new play content to the fight for Spirit Island:

Four completely new ways to fight the Invaders: Beasts, Disease, and Wilds are semi-permanent changes to chosen lands, and Strife can be inflicted upon specific Invader pieces

Two new Spirits to add to your lineup: Sharp Fangs Behind the Leaves and Keeper of the Forbidden Wilds

A new Adversary to fight against: the French Plantation colony

Another 50+ distinct Major and Minor Power Cards, doing things no Powers have done before

Another 15 Fear Cards and 7 Blight cards for added game-to-game variety
Four more optional Scenarios offering new play experiences

...and a deck of Event Cards which bring the island to life, with Invaders, Dahan, and beasts acting on their own. This adds a judicious spice of uncertainty for experienced players as well as creating both opportunities and hard choices for the Spirits!

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