Darkest Night 2nd Edition

Darkest Night 2nd Edition

Darkest Night, by designer Jeremy Lennert, is a fully-cooperative board game for up to four players, set in a kingdom broken under a Necromancers shadow. Each player takes on the role of one of the kingdoms last heroes, each with a unique set of special abilities, just as they hatch a plan to save the realm.

Searching the kingdom provides new powers and equipment to strengthen you and your party, as well as the keys that can unlock the holy relics and defeat the Necromancer. You can acquire many powerful abilities-unique to each hero-that can help to fight the undead, elude the Necromancers forces, accelerate your searches for items and artifacts, and more. The knight is a brave and powerful warrior the prince can rally and inspire the people the scholar excels at locating and restoring the treasures of the past.

But ravenous undead roam the realm, and as the Necromancer continues to build his power base, he blights the land and his army steadily grows. As the game wears on, the Necromancer beco
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