Terramara (multilingual)
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Terramara (multilingual)

Terramara, or black earth, refers to the shared culture of a tight-knit network of villages in Northern Italy, founded during the mid to late Bronze Age (around 1500 BC). The inhabitants of this marl-rich land lived, travelled and traded in an area between the Alps and the river Po. They were hunters and farmers, but also practiced metallurgy, casting bronze tools in stone moulds. While the dark (black) soil in the region was dry enough, they still built their houses on piles, suspended in the air by wooden stakes. The reason for this seemingly pointless practice, as well as the origin and fate of the Terramara people, is unknown and remains a topic of fierce debate among present-day historians.

In Terramara, you are the chief of a clan occupying one of these villages. Your goal is to develop your clan while exploring lands farther away to trade and to reach sacred places. As the density of settlements is ever-growing, you will face some stiff competition from other clan leaders. To best them you must
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