Room 25, Season 2, Exp.
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Room 25, Season 2, Exp.

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• MORE Players: With 2 new characters (Sarah & Bruce), you can play up to 8 (together or against one another...).
• MORE Variety: The characters now each have a special ability. Congratulations: You’re unique ! (just like everybody else...)
• MORE Speed: Each character has a single adrenalin rush (better use it wisely...)
• MORE Traps: 10 new rooms to spice your adventures and 2 Robots (that can play with or against you...)
• MORE Surprises: A full deck of cards to mess up with your plan (or fix it...)
• MORE Challenges: To win regularly against the new full cooperative Madness mode you will really need to push your limits (or just be outstandingly lucky...).
ONLY, In Room 25 Season 2 first edition, you will also find included:
• MORE Time: Play faster by using the plastic tray designed to optimize game set-up.
• MORE Colors: 6 minis freshly sculpted, each one in their own color and packed togethe
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