Revolution! (Engl.)
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Revolution! (Engl.)

Blackmail the printer. Threaten the innkeeper. Bribe the priest. Welcome to Revolution! Secretly bid against your opponents to win the support of the people, control territory...and gather more gold, blackmail, and force for the next round of bidding! The revolutionary with the most support wins the game, but each location grants bonus points. The tavern or the fortress? The harbor or the plantation? Knowing which areas to hold - and which to let your opponents fight over - is the key to victory. But are your opponents bidding on the same location, or are they bluffing? Are you bluffing? Bidding tokens have different shapes (and colors) for easy identification, even across the table. Colorful cardstock shields keep your bids private, and provide a handy rules reference while you are deliberating during the auction. Traditional wooden blocks allows players to see, at a glance, who controls what. The rules can be taught in minutes, and plays with three or four players. A complete game takes less than an hour, e
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