Everzone: Strategic Battles in the Universe
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Everzone: Strategic Battles in the Universe

EverZone is a strategic card game set in a distant future. Each player is in command of forces in order to defend his race and expand the control in the universe. Three races (Numan, Slurr and Uthron, most commonly distinguished between humans, aliens and robots) fight for the galaxy on different battlefields: uncharted lands, seas of planets and in the cold space.

The game’s goal is to destroy the opponent’s “headquarters” by reducing to zero his command points (same as life points). To achieve this, players have 330 cards between units, supports and locations in order to build their own forces deck to use in battle against opponents, in the locations determined by each player.

The game follows the traits of a classic LCG: is optimized for two players and each of them will be able to build his own deck by choosing the cards from the starter set and expansions that will be released and will be an “open content” that said you will always know in advance which cards will be in each expansion. The
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