Yomi EX Powerup

Yomi EX Powerup

Powerup Your Characters!
This expansion powers up all 20 Yomi decks, letting you play the EX version of every character. EX characters are overpowered, not tournament-legal, and not balanced, but they are tons of fun! Each character gets a new gold character card and 4 copies of an extra rank of face cards called Destiny cards. (Note: this product does not come with any full decks, just cards to modify the decks you already have.)
You also get an oversized Deathstrike Dragon character card. Use this with Menelker´s regular deck to power him up so much that he can play against two other players in a 2v1 match. You also get a premium knockdown token (to track which player is knocked down at any given time) that´s made of higher quality material than the ones that come in Yomi Round 1 or Round 2.
Perfect Storage Solution
This box is designed to store all 20 decks in an aesthetically pleasing way. A character select screen (like in a fighting game) inside the box shows you where to put each
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