Struggle for Europe 1939-1945

Struggle for Europe 1939-1945

STRUGGLE FOR EUROPE 1939-1945 is a card driven, card destruction game on a large game board. Modifying concepts from LINCOLN, TWILIGHT STRUGGLE, and others. Gamers will be able to play World War II in Europe in under 2 hours.

The Axis powers begin the war with decisions to be made, strike east or strike west. The cards show the Axis strength early in the war. Things can change quickly. Your decisions can determine that.

As the Allies, do you stiffen your defense as was done historically, or consider a strike into Germany. With skillful play you may find allies as the war progresses. The Russians can enter early, or later, based on your and the Axis card play. Same for the Americans.

Each card leads to important decisions, U-Boat Attacks, The Blitz, Partisan Attacks, Convoys, The Great Commanders, Destroyer Escorts, Hitlers Interference, and more. The decisions are yours to make in the STRUGGLE FOR EUROPE.

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Autoren: Grant Wylie, Mike Wy
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