Quartermaster General: Prelude Expansion
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Quartermaster General: Prelude Expansion

Quartermaster General: Prelude is an expansion to Quartermaster General, the fast-paced game about World War II strategy game.

You can play the Prelude expansion with the Quartermaster General alone, or use it in conjunction with one or both of the other the expansions, Air Marshal or Alternate Histories. Basically, any combination of the three expansions can be used. But you absolutely do not need these other two expansions to enjoy Prelude (and in fact, it has been more heavily tested using the base game alone).

The Prelude expansion contains * 107 Prelude cards * A player aid card * A rules sheet All packaged in a small box.

2-6 Spieler
Ab ca. 12 Jahren

Autor: Ian Brody
Griggling Games
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