Police Precinct Mad Men

Police Precinct Mad Men

The Mad Men Cards are to be used in conjunction with the existing Event cards as follows:

1. During set-up of a new game, select the Mad Men Cards you wish to use in that game.

2. Find the corresponding Event card (the one that uses the same location, e.g. Duffys Bar), and remove the original card from the deck, place it next to the board, face-up, where all can easily see it.

3. Place the Mad Men Cards you are going to use, in the event deck.

4. Fully randomize the entire event deck.

5. Begin play of the game, and continue as normal until one of these cards appears. At that time, place it on the board as normal, AND place the corresponding original card just below it, with enough of the original card showing on the right-hand side of the Mad Men card to easily see the color, but not the difficulty number. Furthermore, all players must STOP taking Police Cards until this Mad Men Card Emergency is resolved!

6. Then proceed as nor
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