C3i Magazine: #31

C3i Magazine: #31

Featuring renowned designer Ralph Sheltons standalone game The Battle of Wakefield, C3i Issue Nr 31 puts you on the field at the start of the War of the Roses. Can you end the war before it starts, or will England be doomed to a generation of bloodshed? This 25th Anniversary Edition of C3i Nr 31 is also packed full of articles on numerous other hobby games, including a preview of some upcoming COIN Series installments, a new scenario for Normandy 44 presented by Trevor Bender, and errata for C3i Nr 30s acclaimed game South Pacific. The designer of that game, Mark Herman, also delivers a new installment of Clios Corner, discussing how Alexander Hamilton inspired the design of Hermans game Pericles. Steve Carey takes us back to the classic Clash of Giants Civil War and Captain Garrett Gatzemeyer gives us some insight into how West Point cadets use boardgames for fun and training. This issue is packed with inserts for many games, including this issues Battle of Wakefield, Empire of the Sun, Plan Orange, Blood &
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