Stalins World War III

Stalins World War III

Stalins World War III is a two game package: Volume 1 - Operation Pincher & The Soviet Offensive in Europe Volume 2 - Operation Sandown & The Soviet Offensive in the Mid-East. This is an alternative history monster-size wargame, designed by Ty Bomba, intended to investigate the strategic parameters that would have been in place during the first 10 weeks of operations had that dictator lived long enough to put in motion one of his many plans to start a global conflict in 1953. Had he lived, the most likely start date would have been one coinciding with the signing of the Korean War armistice in July, in order to achieve maximum surprise. Each two-map volume can be played separately by one, two, three or four players, or they can both be combined into on Grand Campaign Scenario covering all four maps.

His goal in starting such a war on the continent would have been to blitz across Western Europe all the way to Rome and Frances Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. He would thereby have succeeded in an even
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