MBT: FRG Expansion

MBT: FRG Expansion

Poised in defense of the Fatherland from the looming Soviet invasion, the West German Armys panzer and panzergrenadier divisions are not just ghosts of their World War II namesakes. This time it is Leopard tanks, Marder infantry fighting vehicles and Jaguar tank destroyers filling out their ranks. Its 1st Corps makes up part of NATOs Northern Army Group (NORTHAG) along with BAOR while its 2nd and 3rd Corps stands alongside the US 7th Army in NATOs Central Army Group (CENTAG).

This MBT expansion focuses on FRGs armored and mechanized forces. Battle it out in 10 new scenarios. Combine the 4 new double-sided geomorphic maps with the MBT base game maps and even the MBT BAOR Expansion for more exciting battles.

Includes detailed TO&Es for the West German Forces.

1-2 Spieler

Autor: James M. Day
GMT Games
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